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Alvaro Siza Biografy

1933 - Born in Matosinhos, Portugal

1949 - Registers at the Escola Superior de Belas Artes di Porto (ESBAP)
1955/58 - Works with Fernando Távora's practice
1965 - Degree in architecture from ESBAP
1966/69 - Teaches at ESBAP
1974 - During the so-called "carnation revolution", he is one of the promoters of SAAL (Local technical support service), an urban social movement aimed at establishing collaboration between city authorities and citizens in order to improve poor living conditions in individual neighbourhoods; SAAL is abolished in 1975
1976 - Professor of Building at the Faculty of Architecture in Porto
1982 - Awarded the Prize for Architecture by the Portuguese Department of the International Association of Art Critics
1987 - Awarded the Portuguese Architects' Association award
1988 - Awarded a gold medal by the Spanish order of architects, a gold medal by the Alvar Aalto Foundation, and the European Economic Community - Mies van der Rohe Foundation award
1992 - Awarded the Pritzker-Prize by the Hyatt Foundation in Chicago
1992 - Awarded an honorary degree by the University of Valencia
1993 - Awarded the Portuguese Architects' Association award
1993 - Awarded an honorary degree by Ecole Poliytechnique Fédéral of Losanne


1954/57 - Four houses, Matosinhos
1956/59 - Parish centre, Matosinhos
1958/63 - Boa Nova restaurant, Leça da Palmeira
1958/65 - Swimming pool for Parque Municipal da Quinta di Conceição, Matosinhos
1961/62 - Seaside swimming pool, Leça da Palmeira
1964/68 - Alves Costa house, Moledo do Minho
1973/76 - Baires house, Povoa do Varzim
1973/77 - Bouça housing project, Porto
1974/77 - São Victor district, Porto
1976/82 - Schleisches Tor (Bonjour Tristesse), Berlin
1977/92 - Quinta da Malagueria, Evora
1981/85 - Avelino Duarte house, Ovar
1981 - Fernando Machado house, Porto
1982/85 - Cultural centre, Sines
1982 - J. M. Teixeira apartment, Povoa do Varzim
1984/88 - Two homes in the Van der Venne park, the Hague
1984/89 - Schilderswijk Ward social housing development, the Hague
1985/93 - Vieira de Castro home, Vila Nova de Familacao
1985/95 - Faculty of architecture, Porto
1985/94 - University of Aveiro
1986/88 - Nursery school, Berlin
1986/94 - High school, Setúbal
1987/88 - Seniors' centre, Berlin
1988/93 - Centro Galego de Arte contemporanea, Santiago de Compostela
1988/94 - University campus library, Aveiro
1989/92 - Meteorological centre in Olympic Village, Barcelona
1990 - Vitra factory, Weil-am-Rhein
1991/98 - Boavista housing development, Porto
1991/99 - Museum of the Serralves Foundation, Porto
1992/98 - Baixa/Chiado underground station, Lisbon
1993/95 - Faculty of information science, Santiago de Compostela
1995/99 - University chancellor's office, Alicante
1997 - Restoration and expansion of Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
1997/98 - Portuguese pavilion for EXPO 98, Lisbon
1999/2000 - Portuguese pavilion, Hanover

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