1994 Aveiro Library

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2317385468_c11a41150dCampus Universitário de Santiago
3810-193 Aveiro

The library plays a central role in the organisation of the university campus situated on the edge of the city of Aveiro. A free-standing curving wall characterises the western façade and expresses the reinforced concrete structure of the building.

This baffle admits reflected light while a continuous horizontal cut at the third level assures (for those seated) a visual connection across the sait marshes extending to the horizon.

All electrical and air-conditioning services are integrated into the perimeter shelving system at each floor allowing the ceilings to be left uncluttered and spatially continuous with the vertical voids which traverse the interior spaces. This configuration also permits the spatial continuity of the double curvature of the ceiling at the top floor.

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  1. Kevin Hui says:

    What is amazing to see is the reference to the use of red brick in the area which is rare in Portugal. Also discovered that the famous Aaltoesque Viipuri-like skylights ceiling has a very gentle curve in two directions.

  2. tarek daoud says:

    hello.i’m tarek daoud from tunisia .i study architecture and i have to study this project.please if you can send me some more informationsmy email is [email protected] you

  3. David Glazer , Israel says:

    Although I do not , particularly , admire symmetry in modern architecture I like it , very much , in the commissions of Alvaro Siza for example : in the Aveiro Library and in the Santa Maria church .

    the look of the whole building ( the Aveiro library ) excites and stimulates me .

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