SCALAE Podcast – A sculptor in love

First of the two conversations recorded in the study of Álvaro Siza Vieira in Oporto. Recorded in a quiet morning on a Saturday in the summer of 2014. Various subjects follow one another almost spontaneously, in a journey that attends to the principles, processes and situations of the Oporto master. What is spoken at home while eating, financial institutions, work in the studio, the contemporary world economy, Europe and engineers, politics, Iceland, Erasmus, nemo propheta in homeland , urbanism, building materials, songs, Granada and … the revolution of the carnationsthey are the themes that follow one another in a broad preamble to themes that are at the base of the personal experience of SIza: drawing, sculpture and appreciation for the beings that populate the memory. While talking and following the thread of the conversation, in any case, Álvaro Siza draws with delicacy and care a female silhouette. Someone with whom you share a glass of wine seems to be seen in the sketch.

These will be the topics, along with those that are announced at the end of the relaxed, extensive and frank conversation and that, later, emerge as presence or absence in a second conversation, especially his original vocation as a sculptor and the presence and silence of the silhouette, those that end up giving a special character to the ebook dedicated to the author in the international collection of scalae ebooks.

Álvaro Siza spoke in dialogue with Félix Arranz, in the presence of Jaume Prat Ortells and Juan Domingo Santos who, sporadically, intervened in the conversation and photographed the situation.